About Member Registration / 会員登録について

Member Registration

Upon purchasing at Marche Online Store, you will be "Registered as a Member". Please be sure to confirm "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" when registering.

At Marche Online Store, we provide the member rank program according to the purchase amount. Benefits such as discount rates of merchandise and e-magazine coupons are available to each member rank. New registered member will be ranked as "Regular Member".


Customer member rank is decided by the sum amount of the purchases in past.

● Platinum Membership : HK$10,000 or more. You can purchase with a 10% discount of the                                                   normal price.

● Gold Membership HK$5,000 or more. You can purchase with a 5% discount of the                                                     normal price.

● Regular Membership : You can purchase at the normal price.







● プラチナメンバーHK$10,000以上の購入。商品を通常価格から10%引きでご購入いただ                                            けます。

● ゴールドメンバーHK$5,000以上の購入。商品を通常価格から5%引きでご購入いただけ                                          ます。

● レギュラーメンバー通常価格でのご購入になります。